Rodent Control

Rodent Control

There are three groups of rodents that can be divided according to their physical appearance. Members from each group look similar, but they have different habits and behaviors as well as diseases which makes them dangerous pest animals if not dealt with properly by humans or animals such as cats who carry infections themselves! Nocturnal denizens tend towards being nocturnal while daytime-dwelling creatures may cause problems at your home since some examples include house mice and field mice.

The best ways to keep pesky rodents out of your home is by using glue boards, live traps or snap traps. You can also use bait but this will only work if they are interested in eating that specific food item which might not always be the case so it’s better just make sure everything adds up properly first.

The key to control is sanitation, harborage elimination and ensuring that your home or business has rodent-proofing. Once these precautions are taken then you may want use bait stations with pesticides placed around exterior surfaces as well for those stubborn areas which refuse all other remedies.


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