Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

How would you like to go outside without being bitten by pesky, nasty mosquitoes? VC Pest provides mosquito control services for your yard we not only clear up all of those bugs but also help our customers enjoy their outdoor space again—itch free! Don’t let the little blood-sucking insects keep from enjoying some time in nature.

We know that every home is different, which means our services will be tailored to meet your needs. With decades of experience in the industry and a commitment towards excellence – You can trust us with creating an inspection plan just for you!

Backyard and open space Mosquito Control

When you book an appointment with Mosquito Joe, our team will go out and treat specific areas of your yard that mosquito larvae like to call home. We focus on treating wooded regions as well shrubs or debris piles around sheds because these spots can be hiding places for them.

Once you apply our treatment, insects like flies and mosquitoes won’t be able to settle in for 21 days! Here is what we do:

-Inspect and determine of botanical or natural service is needed

-Identify breeding sites and stop lifecycle

-Install an Aduticide and Insect Growth Regulator  at resting sites

-Eliminate any standing water

-Provide you with ongoing mosquito control techniques

-Recommend additional devices and traps for added protection

Common Areas Mosquitos hide in a backyard:

If you want to avoid mosquito bites, stay away from areas around your backyard that offer these things. Trees and bushes are the most common spots where they like hide out in order get protection against sunlight as well as provide shelter for their young ones which is why it’s important not only make sure there aren’t any water sources nearby but also clear up all debris piles so those pesky bugs can’t breed.

How to Stop Mosquitos laying Eggs in the Winter:

The fewer places that are available for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, the less likely it will be a problem in your yard this spring. To do this you should make sure there isn’t standing water on or around any property during fall and winter months. Eliminate all potential sites by drying up puddles, removing excess rainwater from gutters/downspouts before filling them back up again etc.

Things you can do:

-Fix leaking hose bibs

-Cover garbage piles

-When done, empty and turn over kid pools to dry

-Clean out gutters after the rain

-Frequently change out bird bath water

Why is Warm Weather Attractive for Mosquitos?

You may have been thinking about ways you can keep your yard green this summer, but did you know that watering is only one part? Mosquitoes love moist environments and will come out in droves if they find their way into ours. So what else should we do to stop them from ruining our fun times outside with friends or family members.

Mosquitoes love humid environments, which is why you should make sure to clean up any puddles or standing water in your yard. This will help prevent them from sprouting and proceed with life as usual!


Wonder why some people get bitten more often than others?

If you find that mosquitoes are more attracted to your skin than others, it might not just be a coincidence. It turns out the most common reason they bite so much is because of our blood type – O-type people have been shown as being preferred by these insects!



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