Flea Control

Flea Control

Risks that Fleas may bring to your home or business;

Pets and Animals – The best way to keep fleas away from your bedding is by taking precautions against them in the first place. Make sure you’re not transporting any with yourself and seal up all gaps that could allow insects inside, like cracks between floors or walls!

Annoying Bites– The bites result in red spots that often are surrounded by reddened haloes. They can be extremely itchy and cause discomfort for their victims, who become carriers of this pestilence even though they don’t experience any symptoms themselves!

Your Carpet– If left untreated, fleas can cause a significant itching problem for your pets. They lay up to 50 eggs per day and as they move around indoors the eggs spread even more rapidly than you might think! This is because carpets or other soft surfaces provide excellent breeding conditions with their constant warmth – not only does this encourage rapid development but it also increases blood feeding by providing an easy meal (think: human bitten apple). Upholstery pieces such p huge sofas make great places.

Common Signs that you May Have Fleas:

Cats and/or dogs – Reddish or irritated shin, scratching. Cats likely to have fleas around their head and neck. Dogs likely to have fleas in their hind quarters.

How to Identify Fleas:

When your pets are scratching excessively odds are they have a skin condition or you unfortunately have fleas.

-Size – 2.5 mm length with a flat body

-They Do Not fly

-They do jump a good distance

-They have 6 legs that are hard to see

Our Approach to Flea Control:

-Inspection – Thorough inspection of the property and area

-Employ Treatment – Whether you have a garden, patio or anything in between- we’ll make sure it is safe for all those who enjoy spending time outside. The perimeter of your property will be treated with the appropriate materials to remove any spiderwebs and wasp nests that may exist while also ensuring our employees use safest methods available when removing these nuisances from structures due them being potentially dangerous.

-Conceal Opening – We will seal, caulk, plug, and secure gaps and cracks to keep insects out.

-Interior Treatment – We will take care of the interior of your home and install devices to monitor for pests in important places like kitchens, bathrooms, garages and more.

-Follow ups – Highly recommended to schedule server follow ups to insure the infestation has been eliminated.


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