Bird Control

Bird Control

Birds are always a delight to have around, but when they start making life difficult for you and your family by flying into windows or leaving droppings everywhere it’s time get them out of the house.

Birds may be beneficial to have around because they can provide a natural form of pest control by eating all the bugs. However, this is only temporary and birds don’t warranty their work; keeping them in your home might do more harm than good!

How Does your Home or Business attract a Bird Infestation?

Just like us, birds need a home and food to survive. Unfortunately for humans the homes we build offer them everything they could possible want in one place- which means that when these pests find themselves with an abundance of Resources at their fingertips (or rather architectural features), it’s often difficult not too infest your property!

Most homes or properties have a lot of areas where birds can live. Areas like the eaves around the property and any holes that go into the walls provide protection from bad weather and other animals that might want to hurt them.

How to Identify a Bird Infestation:

-Noticing more birds in and around your area

-Groupings of birds around your area

-More noticeable noise

-Considerable amount of bird droppings

Options to employ for Bird Control:

Avitrol(leading avicide option)

Birds don’t always need to be inside your property in order for them cause trouble. For situations where birds keep gathering or sitting on top of one another, Hot Foot can help deter them by creating a sticky surface that makes it less attractive and discouraging their presence even more so than before!

Bird Netting

Birds can be a problem, especially if they are attracted to the same areas you live in. One way of controlling these birds is by installing bird spikes on your windows and doors so that when an unwanted visitor tries enter into their nest or young ones stay outside!


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