Pest Control

Pest Control

General Pest Control or Occasional Invaders is a catch-all group for those pests which invade homes from time to time. Although some may cause damage indoors, such as crickets, they do not enter a structure for this purpose. They are typically nuisance pests which cannot survive for long indoors.

Examples of some Occasional Invaders include but not limited to; Centipedes, Millipedes, Pill Bugs & Sow Bugs, Daddy Long Legs, Mites, Scorpions, Springtails, Earwigs, Flies, and Crickets.

Occasional invader control begins outside the structure with the reduction or elimination of moist harborage near the building, such as removing debris, weeding plant beds, etc. Seal possible entry points such as holes in the masonry, adding door sweeps, screen windows & doors, etc. Since some are attracted to light, change bulbs to less-attractive yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps.

Mechanical removal with a vacuum works extremely well, especially when no pesticide residual can provide satisfactory relief. Baiting is also effective for the occasional invader. Crack and crevice or spot treatment may be required for established indoor infestations. Once the exclusion process is complete for the inside of a structure, a perimeter spray / regular pest control maintenance program is recommended for the exterior of a structure to assist in reducing the potential or reinfestation of occasional invaders.

VC Pest Control knows just how valuable your home is to you and your family, this is why we protect you from pests that can deteriorate not just your home, but your quality of life. Living with a pest infestation in your home, whether it be a casual one or severe one has many ways to bring you down.

This is our purpose in the Pest Control industry, we strive to protect our customers homes and well being by ensuring your home is safe from the threat of any pests.