Termite Fumigation

Termite Fumigation

Breaking Down The Termite Fumigation Process:

The fumigation process usually takes three days and two nights. Your professional will seal your home with tarps or other methods to release a warning agent into the building, before introducing Vikane (a specialized form of pesticides). The dosage depends on factors like temperature & size; it’s carefully calculated for each individual situation so that you can be sure there are no side effects within our structure!

The typical house fumigation lasts about 18-24 hours, and after it’s complete your gas company will aerate the chemical from inside of any structures that were ventilated during this time. They’ll also test air quality with sensitive monitoring equipment in order to make sure you can return home safely.

Below is in general a breakdown of the average fumigation:

Day 1(Setup) – The fumigation crew covers the entire structure with large tarps. These are secured by long “sand snakes” placed along its foundation and related attachments, making for a seamless installation that won’t ever need paint or other decorations to cover up.

The licensed fumigator is responsible for preparing the interior of a building by ensuring that all food, feed drugs plants people and pets are removed from within it. They also administer chloropicrin in specific locations as part of their job responsibilities.

The structure is secured with locks that are harder to break into on all entryways. Signs that warn people about the security are posted in specific locations.

Once the exterior has been properly sealed and interior preparations are made, a warning agent is applied to penetrate deep into wood. This kills off any Drywood Termites that may be present in order for your home’s protection against these pests.

Day 2(Airing out) – Once the gas fumigator has been properly applied, one of our licensed technicians will open up a ventilation system to begin its activation process.

Day 3(Breakdown and accessible) – After the required amount of time has passed, the crew who fumigates will remove the tarps from the structure. When the tarps are removed from a structure, our licensed fumigators take air samples inside with equipment specially designed to detect all chemicals and gases used.

The licensed fumigator will place a Re-Entry Notice on the front door once it has been determined that safe to return. This notice indicates when reentry is allowed, and what time period of quarantine you’re in during this visit back home with us!

Then, all remaining signs and secondary locks are removed and the fumigation process is complete!



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