Many types of insects, like ants and cockroaches need moisture to live. That’s why they prefer living in places where it is wetter than other areas around them; however if there isn’t enough water nearby then these pesky bugs will come looking for what they can find on your property such as stones or wood that has been exposed by excavation projects (or just old dirt). You may also notice an increase foot-traffic near sources which seem constantly dribbled upon because this same type creature likes visiting those spots periodically too!

Preferred 8-step process for Ant Control:

(1) Identification type of ant

(2) Locate their nest(s)

(3) Removal

(4) Treat perimeter accordingly

(5) Eliminate or limit all honeydew sources

(6) Apply interior pesticide where applicable

(7) Apply Baiting

(8) Apply additional non-chemical control methods

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