Though there are over 35,000 types of spiders in the world and 3 thousand can be found North America alone. Out those two groups household pests like Widow Spiders or Recluse Spider’s have been known to harm people only if they’re eaten whole by them which would cause severe abdominal pain due their toxicity level being very high for an insect bite but not enough so that you would die right away unlike other creatures on this list – consider yourself lucky!

How to Identify:

Black Widow Spider – Adult females are black with a reddish hourglass shaped marking on the underside. Adult males usually have a color pattern on their dorsal or upper surface. This pattern is variable, but typically consists of a median row of red spots with white lines or bars radiating out to the sides.

Brown Widow Spider – The brown widow spider has a brown or grayish-brown color. It has a white band on its abdomen with three white spots on top. There is also a median white band on the rear. It has four diagonal white bands on either side, and a yellow to orange hourglass mark on the underside. This spider was recently established in southern California from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Brown Recluse Spider – Tan to dark brown colors are common, and many have darker markings on their heads.

6-Step Process for Spider Control:
(1) Inspect surroundings
(2) Identify type of spider
(3) Deterrence
(4) Sanitize surroundings
(5) Mechanical Methods
(6) Apply Pesticide Methods


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