Scorpion Control

Scorpion Control

Scorpions may be shy, but they’re not dangerous! Most scorpion species prefer to hide and stay hidden. They tend not go human-hunting or attack unless you make them angry by stepping on their territory (or trying out that new perfume). Scorpion stings can cause painful problems for some people with allergies/sensitive immune systems as well heart conditions because of how quickly these arachnids deliver an allergic reaction – so it’s best if trained professionals handle control efforts when possible.

Where are Scorpions commonly found:

Scorpions are clever, paternalistic creatures that can be found on every landmass around the planet. They like environments from tropical rainforests to grasslands and deserts but they’re not so keen about ice caps or Antarctica due likely because it gets too cold there! An estimated 1.2 million people get stung each year – this makes Scorpion Control crucial in any household or business where people frequent especially children. The closer you are to a hospital the better your recovery will be.

Common Nesting Areas for Scorpions:

Scorpions are fascinating creatures that spend their lives hidden away from us. They like to nest in shaded areas, usually close by where you’ll find them during day-time hours because they’re nocturnal! If it’s dark enough outside for these critters then take advantage and search around your garden or garage–you may be surprised at what type of hiding spot is right underfoot when looking carefully enough…or even inside spaces such as closets with lotsa clutter on top (perfect). Some types prefer upside down places so keep an eye open if this sounds interesting; though Bark scorpion females have been known not only attach themselves but also lay eggs onto plant surfaces.

If you think your home has a problem with scorpions, it’s better to contact us than try to deal with them yourself. Scorpion infestation can be difficult and sometimes even deadly – but we have the know how for removing these pesky creatures from place.

Common Scorpions to the Southern California:

-Bark scorpion

-Stripe-tailed scorpion

-Arizona Hairy scorpion

How We Treat and Combat Scorpions:

Prevention- Scorpions are pests that live in warmer climates, like Arizona. They come to your home because of the weather system – but we can keep them away! Our Scorpion Prevention Services help prevent scorpion infestations by following these tips:

-Place wood pile(firewood) away from the side of you home ore building

-Do not let vegetation over grow

-Limit hiding places by removing clutter and putting away a variety of items

-Do not leave clothing on the ground for any amount of time if possible

-Look inside your footwear before using

Treatment- Your specialist will assess the areas of your home that you have seen scorpion activity and determine which treatment is most appropriate for you.

Interior – Your specialist will use a flashlight and backlight to inspect inside your house, looking for any scorpions that may be lurking. Any pests found will then receive removal services from us.

Exterior – Scorpions are usually found in areas with plenty of cover, so your specialist may suggest removing any potential sources that they can use for shelter like woodpiles or overgrown landscaping.

After your property has been inspected for activity, we may use repellent liquid residual insecticide or a granular formulation to kill any arthropods on site. We’ll also seal up entry points that allow these pests into the building so they’re unable get inside – even if you don’t see them!



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