Rodent Control Thousand Oaks

Rodent Control Thousand Oaks

Specific identification is particularly critical in the group because although members of each group are similar in appearance, for example house mouse vs. roof rat vs. Norway rat, the species differ in their habits, behavior, and potential as disease vectors and control methods. The majority of rodents are nocturnal. Some rodents, such as the house mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat, are among man’s most serious pests because they eat or contaminate stored foods, damage or destroy vast amounts of materials, and transmit or spread diseases.

The most common and preferred rodent control method is the use of glue boards, live traps, snap traps, and/or baits. In addition to trapping, rodent-proofing and other preventative measures to the structure are highly recommended in rodent control.

For commensurable rodents, the key to control is sanitation, harborage elimination, and rodent-proofing the structure. Once a structure is proofed, the use of rodent bait stations with rodenticides placed around the exterior of the structure may be recommended and/or needed to assist in rodent control of a structure.

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