Your Guide To Swarming Termites

Your Guide To Swarming Termites

Seeing a swarm of termites is not a good sign, as they are looking to start a new colony of their own. But at least if you’re lucky enough to spot them, you can act quickly to prevent any future damage they can cause…hopefully.

What Swarming Termites Look Like

A swarming termite has straight antennae, a body that is mostly uniform in width, and front wings that are the same size as their hind wings. Drywood termites usually have red or brown bodies, and dampwood termites are light yellow or tan. Swarming termites will lose their wings after fertilization and will then proceed to form new colonies.

Damage Termites Can Cause

Don’t discount the amount of havoc these pests can cost. Termites do an average of 5 billion dollars in damages to homes and properties every year. When they get into homes, they can damage support beams, floorboards, wood siding, windowsills, ceiling joists, and posts. They can also damage wood decks, sheds, and other outbuildings. Because they chew away from the inside of the wood beams, homeowners may not realize they have termites until they start noticing signs like buckling floor and walls. If termites can get into the White House and go undetected for years, they can get into your house as well!

What To Do

Termites can enter your home through a small opening that is 1/32 of an inch. All it takes is for them to find space around a drainpipe or even a crack in your foundation. A colony can range from thousands of termites to millions, so it is vital for homeowners to act swiftly before the colony has a chance to grow and do more damage. There is often more than one swarm setting up colonies around your house, so you could have competing termite communities infesting your property.

Your best defense is to call Ventura County Pest Control. Our certified professional pest technicians are experienced in dealing with termites and other pests. Ventura County utilizes the Sentricon System to eradicate termites by strategically placing bait stations around the perimeter of your home. Termites can’t resist the noviflumuron bait and will be drawn to it more than the wood in your house. It prevents the worker termites from molting, and once they take it back to their nest, they and the other termites begin to die off. Without workers, there will not be any food for the other termites, which will help eradicate the colony. Ventura County provides quality customer service achieved through our Guiding Principles. For a free no obligation pest evaluation, contact Ventura County Pest Control today!