Why Homeowners Need Year-Round Pest Control In Colorado

Why Homeowners Need Year-Round Pest Control In Colorado

For everything there is a season, and here in the Centennial State, we have the luxury of enjoying every weather extreme. From warm summers to snowy winters, we have it all. As a result of our geographic diversity and dynamic weather changes from season to season, we experience issues with a host of pests trying to invade our Colorado homes. Whether it’s rodents, ants, spiders, or cockroaches, we have them all. If you are tired of dealing with pests in your Colorado home, it may be time to consider the benefits of a year-round pest control plan.

Why Pests Invade Homes

During the year pests invade homes for a number of reasons. Most commonly pests begin to explore our properties in search of food, water, and shelter. Other pests find respite inside to avoid the chills of winter. Snow-filled Colorado winters are certainly chilly enough to encourage pests to find their way into our warm homes.

During the colder seasons, pests such as rats, mice, and cockroaches struggle to survive outdoors, so they make their way inside. Every year we see an influx of these pests invading homes due to the chilly weather. Unfortunately, unlike other pests that just want to use your home as a shelter through the winter months, these pests are likely to stick around come spring.

Many pests don’t even try to get into our homes; instead, they manage to find their way inside accidentally. This happens when the lights are turned on, screens have rips in them, and doors have no door sweeps. Once inside, these pests do their best to make themselves at home. Some try to find their way back outside while others try to survive within your walls.

The Downsides Of DIY Pest Control

There is a whole industry for solving pest problems. Having trouble with ants? Buy this product! Don’t want cockroaches in your kitchen? We have a spray for that! Dealing with rodents? This trap is guaranteed to work! They all have their promises, and all come with a fair amount of downsides. For instance, many pest control products contain dangerous chemicals that, when applied improperly, are harmful to humans as well as pets.

There is also the problem of variety. So many different products for so many different pests. How much money will you spend before your home is pest-free? The amount of effort alone is not worth the stress. There is an easier solution to pest problems.

The Best Way To A Pest-Free Home

There is no better way to get and keep your home pest-free than to turn to the professionals. If you’re experiencing problems with one pest, chances are there are more issues at play. A professional pest control company has the tools and experience needed to exclude all pests that want to share a home with you. They know what treatments to use, and the right amount to be dangerous to pests but not to your family and pets. The take the stress and guesswork out of pest control. Furthermore, in the long run, hiring a professional is much more cost-efficient than trying to handle pests on your own.

Ventura County’s General Pest Control Plan

If you are looking for a plan that keeps a wide variety of everyday pests out of your home, our general pest control plan is right for you. We start with a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of your property. Then, we help you choose from our three service options: quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly treatments that handle both the inside and outside of your home.  Lastly, our services come with a pest-free guarantee. If pests come back between our scheduled visits, we will retreat for free. You will not find a better deal than that.

To find out more about our pest control options, or to schedule a service visit for your Colorado home, reach out to us today.