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Know Your Roaches!
What Kind Do you Got?

American Cockroach

How big are they? Around 2” inches in length

What do they look like? Reddish brown

Do they have Antennas? Yes

Do they have wings? Yes, adults can fly

Where do they like to live? Almost always outdoors, in the shade, in gardens, sewers and drains.

Fun Facts:

-Male and Female can fly

-They like their alcohol, particularly beer

-Lifespan one year, females can produce around 150 offspring total

 Understanding your guest a.k.a. American Cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest house-infesting roach, measuring up to 2 inches long with fully developed reddish brown wings; despite its namesake it isn’t native either North America but came instead from Africa where they were probably introduced aboard ships which landed here for trade purposes thousands of years ago! Adults can live about one year and females produce an average 150 young in their lifetime.

The American cockroach is one of the most common insects found in nature and cities alike. They thrive on any kind food, be it decaying or living; they love sweets but will eat almost anything if given enough time to explore its options thoroughly! These pesky pests often venture indoors when looking for more ideal conditions (wet areas). In homes where these roach camps have been established there may usually traced back addresses such as basements kitchens bathrooms among others.

The American cockroach is considered one of the world’s most successful insects, with an estimated fifty million species living all over our planet. These pests have been found in unsanitary areas near humans including garbage storage and sewage systems which make them dangerous because they can contaminate your food or surfaces if you don’t get rid of them quickly enough! Foraging roaches also carry diseases that could cause asthma attacks for some people who are sensitive to their allergens.

German Cockroach

How big are they? Around ½” inches in length

What do they look like? Different shades of brown, two dark brown “stripes” running long ways

Do they have Antennas? Yes, and they’re long

Do they have wings? Yes, but you will most likely never see them fly

Where do they like to live? They often try to find places that are warm, humid and if there’s food even better. In homes you can commonly find them in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Fun Facts:

-Live in large colonies

-Reproduce very quickly

-Male and female have wings but don’t fly

-Solely dependent on humans homes and habits for their survival

Understanding your guest a.k.a. German Cockroach

Germany’s cockroach has been found all over the world and can be seen in all residential buildings, restaurants etc. They typically infest warm humid environments where they breed quickly into large populations that may spread elsewhere within buildings or across town if not dealt with accordingly.

This species of roach reproduce at a much faster rate than other pests as a single female can produce over 30,000 offspring per year!

German cockroaches can cause allergic reactions due to the insects leaving fecal matter and cast skins around your home, causing skin rashes in some cases. The pests also carry germs that may be depositing anywhere they inhabit which is why it’s important for you not only try eliminating them but wipe down any areas where these creatures have been seen frequenting such as kitchen counters or bathroom tiles with bleach wipes before occurrence!

Oriental Cockroach

How big are they? Around 1 1/4” inches in length

What do they look like? Reddish black with a darkish shine

Do they have Antennas? Yes, long and curve

Do they have wings? Yes, but not able to fly

Where do they like to live? Almost always outdoors, underneath natural debris, under porches, in sewers, you name it.

Fun Facts:

-Nicknames included are Black Beetle and Water Bug

-Preferred way of travel is sewers and drains

-They do NOT smell good and are considered the dirty one out of the cockroaches

Understanding your guest a.k.a. Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach is a household pest that loves to feed on anything from garbage and filth, debris or other decaying organic matter. They are often found climbing up water pipes in search for food which causes them trouble when it comes time for cleaning because these insects will swim right back down again.

Oriental cockroaches are not only common outdoors, but also live in warm damp areas near or under trash cans. When temperatures drop these pests will seek shelter indoors – though they can tolerate cooler weather as well! They often enter homes through food packages from grocery stores and gaining access under exterior doors or garage doorways where there is an opening that allows them into your house’s infrastructure such has pipes radiators sinks etc.. The most obvious places to find this type of bug would be on lower floors like toilets, bathtubs along with other locations around the home including

These insects may not be the most glamorous pest in that they do not damage our homes, but cockroaches can carry 33 different kinds of bacteria and pose a major threat to people with allergies or asthma. The Oriental Cockroach is known for spreading disease throughout your house – one study found it contaminates food items while another uncovered its presence on surfaces such as kitchenware which poses an ingestion risk due particularly dangerous skin secretions (feces). It also leaves behind shed skins; these factors make this creature something you’ll want no part of!

Treatment Process:

  1. What kind of cockroach do you have? The first step in any roach control treatment plan is to identify the type of roach you have. To do this, you need to look at their sizes and compare them to pictures of different types of roaches. If you’re not sure which type you have, please contact us for help.
  2. Inspect: Making a plan to get rid of roaches is important. You need to know what kind of roach you have. If they are small (an inch or less), and they run away when you turn on the light, they are probably German Roaches. If you have the bigger kind of roach (1.5 inches), that mostly lives outside but comes inside sometimes, then you need a different plan to get rid of them.
  3. Clean up: The third step in getting rid of roaches is to find and solve any sanitation problems. Roaches need food, water, and a place to live, so it is important to eliminate as many of these sources as possible.
  4. Employ the right treatment plan: Laying down bait, traps, over the counter bug bombs or indoor/outdoor sprays can all be options. Contact a specialist to examine your situation and customize a treatment for you.

Prevention Tips:             

German Cockroaches

-Clean out trash from indoors and out doors

-Don’t let pet food stay out too long

-Remove empty bottle, paper bags and boxes

-Clean all surfaces, floors, dishes and kitchen sink

American Cockroach

-Clean dishes promptly

-Do not let the trash pile up

-Seal cracks and openings outside

-Seal gaps in windows and doors

-Clean out rain gutters

-Keep firewood away from the home

Oriental Cockroach

-Keep outside garbage containers closed and sealed

-Clean up debris frequently

-Seal outside cracks and crevices

-Don’t leave objects out as they will hide under them

-Clean out gutters

-Don’t allow trash to accumulate for long periods of time


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